Old Window=Great Frame

Today was my daughter, Jayde’s, second day of Pre-school. Jayde LOVES to be around other kids and other people.  So, today I go to pick her up and all of the other kids are running to their parents and wrapping their tiny arms around their necks and giving them hugs and are so excited to see them. It was like a scene from a Hallmark movie.  Jayde glances over at me and I excitedly say, “Hi Jayde!” and put my arms out ready for a hug.  She immediately runs to the teacher, wraps her arms around her leg and cries, “I want to stay at Pre-school.”  Talk about heartbroken. On one hand I love that she loves Pre-school and doesn’t want to go home.  I’m glad she’s not shy and likes to play with the other kids.  But, on the other hand there’s a part of me who wants her to miss me and be excited to see me when I come to get her.  I practically had to drag her to the car while she was still bawling and crying for the teacher. Talk about embarrassing.  I guess this is only the beginning, huh? No Hallmark movie scene for me. For now anyways, I still have hope! 🙂

Ok, on to the real topic of this post.  So, here is the link to my Post a couple weeks ago about the old wooden frame I found at my parent’s house: https://berryberryquitecontrary.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/old-window/

I decided to turn it into a picture frame.  My sister, Kassidy, took family photos of us 2 weekends ago and the pictures turned out amazing. She is great.  There is a link on my Home Page to her web-site, check it out!

I ordered the 20 X 30 print from Shutterfly and it was only around $20.00. Not too shabby!

Here’s how it turned out:


The frame is very rustic looking and I like that.


It was hard finding a picture that the boards going up and down wouldn’t cover up but this fit just about right. I would’ve liked us all to be in one of the panes but you can still see our faces so it still looks great!


Up on the wall above our bed:





I would love to see what any of you do with your old window frames!

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