Checkerboard Table/Fresh Dining Room

Our house is a very open floor plan.  Our living room, kitchen, and dining room are basically one large rectangle with no walls separating any of the rooms.

I do like the open floor plan because of my kiddos.  It’s very easy to keep an eye on them when I’m doing “mom” things.  Like watching Soap operas all day, reading magazines, painting my finernails, etc.  This is what stay at home moms do right?!  I wish.  If I could get through painting 5 finger nails without interruption or having to get up I would be a pretty happy gal.

So, it is very open which is great in some ways but in some other ways I am not a fan.  One of the biggest things I dis-like is not being able to have the rooms be different colors.  There’s really no definite line between rooms.

My dining room has always bugged me.  Even though we have a lot of windows I felt like it was dark, dreary, blah.



See what I mean.

So I decided to paint this little section white to brighten up the room.


006 023

My only regret is I wish I would’ve done this sooner!  The white really brightens up the area and it looks good up against the yellow walls. Yay!

My next project was my kitchen table.


026 027

Don’t mind the tape.  I saw a picture of a checkerboard table top at and fell in love.  I was a little nervous to do this because this was a pretty nice piece of furniture but decided to go for it and I am so happy I did.  This took me 2 Long nights to do; I did it while my girls slept at night.

I first taped of my squares:


After painting:


I then sanded it…..a lot of sanding…..all by hand. I definitely need to invest in an electric sander.


I put a polycrylic spray over it and here’s how it turned out:


The new white color and the new table really brightens up the room



A close up of the sanding…..all done by hand I’ll remind you again 🙂 We use this table so much and it gets so dinged up; but now instead of looking like an eyesore it will just add to the character of the table.



Ready to start blogging!

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