Oh No…..It’s Play doh

A lot of moms and dads wince at the term, “play doh”.


Because it gets everywhere……………………EVERYWHERE!

When Jayde plays with it I’ll find little pieces stuck to the floor, table, her clothes, her hair, the couch……again, it gets everywhere.

But play doh is pretty awesome.  I remember playing with it all the time when I was little; and like me, Jayde loves to play with it as well.

And it’s something that keeps her attention for more than 20 minutes, which is a BIG bonus.

I like to make my own play doh because:

A. It’s less expensive than play doh you buy at the store

B. It lasts way longer

C.It’s super easy to make

D. It is more pliable

E.Jayde loves to make it

I use the same recipe my Mom made for us growing up. It makes a great Play doh


2 cups flour

1/2 cup salt

2 Tab. cream of tartar

2 Tab. Vegetable Oil

2 C. Water

Combine ingredients over medium high heat. Stir constantly; when it globs and stick mess is gone, turn onto counter.  Add food color and knead.

Store in plastic bags and keep in fridge.


Mixing ingredients


What it should look like when it’s done cooking


Add food color


Ready to play with



Even though it makes a big mess, kids are only “kids” for so long. 🙂

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