Chicken Wire Frame

There are so many things you can do with frames. I’m always searching for cheap ones at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store and Garage Sales.

I found this one for $.25 cents at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store:


Not the prettiest frame I’ve ever seen but I liked how large and chunky it was

I spray painted it white and used the Vaseline technique.

To see the Vaseline technique go here: Vaseline Technique

I cut chicken wire to the size of the frame and used a staple gun to attach it to the back

*Hint* : Use gloves when cutting chicken wire or else your hands and arms will get all cut up. I know this from experience.

I have usually always learned things the hard way in my life………


Here she is all done


A completely different looking frame!



I attached it to one of my cabinets in my kitchen


I used twine to attach the frame to a command hook, upside down on the inside of my cabinet


You can use clips to attach grocery lists, your kid’s schoolwork, important mail, inspirational bible quotes, etc. to the wire.


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