Can’t Wait But I Can


Isn’t life funny? You’re born, you grow up, move out of your house, you eventually start your own family, and before you know it you’re the one hiring babysitters for your kids when it seems like just yesterday you were the one doing the babysitting. Life goes by fast, too fast sometimes.

When you’re young you can’t wait to grow up. You’re tired of people telling you what you can and can’t do, you can’t wait to drive, can’t wait to go to college, and then when in college you can’t wait to get out of college and get married and start your own family.

Then when you start a family you can’t wait til’ your little baby can walk, can talk, go to Pre-school, go to Kindergarten, play soccer or baseball, tie their own shoes, dress themselves, bathe themselves, etc.

As humans we are always looking forward to the next big thing, the next thing that will make our lives easier, better, let us have more time to ourselves, do what we want.

But because we’re this way are we missing out? Missing out on life? Missing out on those special moments when you do get to tie your baby’s shoes or give your kids a bath. Sure, mopping up the water off of the bathroom floor from your kids splashing like crazy isn’t the most fun. Sure, we could get out the door quicker if our 3 year old could tie their own shoes and get themselves dressed. But these times wont last forever. They will go quickly by and before you know it your kids will be in school busy with activities and friends and we are going to wish we had these days back.

I am guilty of this. As a stay at home mom I sometimes wish so bad I just had an hour to myself. I sometimes wish I just didn’t have to give them a bath or get them dressed for the day. I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it but with kids that’s not possible. So many times I focus on the negative things. What I can’t do. What I want to do but can’t. That I don’t have enough time for ME. That my days are spent taking care of everyone else’s needs but mine.

We say, “I can’t wait til’ they grow up.” But can we?
When I really think about it I think I can wait. I can wait for Jayde to start Kindergarten (only a year and a half away). I enjoy mornings where we can snuggle on the couch in our pjs watching “toonas” while she drinks her chocolate milk out of a sippy cup. I can wait for Aubree to feed herself which is only a short time away. I like holding her in my arms watching her drink a bottle as her tiny eyes close and she falls sound asleep. I can wait until they both can bathe themselves. Watching them splash and laugh in the tub is refreshing. I can wait til’ they can dress themselves. For now I get to choose what they wear and their clothes and hair accessories will match. I can wait til’ they know about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Christmas is so much more magical and special with little ones around. I can wait for them to be too old for bed-time stories. One of my favorite times of the day is at night when we shut off the lights, turn on Jayde’s lamp and snuggle in bed with her reading her book after book after book. I can wait til’ Aubree can walk and can talk. I can wait for her to be in Pre-school. I can wait for my girls to grow up, to move out of the house, and to someday start their own families and be the ones hiring babysitters instead of doing the babysitting.

Yeah, I can definitely wait.

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