Little Entry-Way

Our entryway is teeny-weeny.

If we ever move I will be sure the entry-way is much bigger.

But this is what we have for now and I have been working on making it a defined space.


We don’t have a coat closet so I made this cute little shelf with knobs. You can find that projectHERE


I use this cute antique basket to keep gloves, snow hats, etc. It’s much easier to have all of that stuff right by the door so we can just throw it on before leaving.


The bench was easy to make with the help of my husband. You can find that project HERE. I debated about whether buying this zebra rug but I think it adds the perfect amount of fun & pattern to the entry-way.


The chalkboard frame is great because I can change it up whenever I want. You can find that project HERE

This space was pretty bare before I decorated it. I had the thought that it’s so small so what is the point? I’m glad I changed my mind. Just because a space is small doesn’t mean you can’t make it a beautiful, defined, useable space!

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