Things Change but Stay the Same

The seasons change from cold, bone-chilling winds to warm, moist air. Branches sticking out of the cold earth bloom into bright colors, filling the space with it’s ever-growing limbs. As the days go on the days get warmer and then unbearably hot. Swimming pools are filled with cold, blue water. Children splash and play as their innocent faces laugh and smile. The days are filled with the humming sounds of lawn mowers, children playing, people laughing and talking with neighbors and friends in their yards. Barbeque scents drift through the air almost daily. Flip flops are worn, skin is tanned and the days stay brighter longer. Kids sleep in excited for the anticipation of another lazy Summer day. And then it’s over. Just like that. The days start getting cooler, the sun goes down a little sooner each day and the cooling, refreshing air is welcomed. Pumpkins sprout from the ground, the leaves turn amber colors of orange, red and yellow, candy is bought, costumes are made, and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. The air turns colder. Coats are brought out from closets. Snow falls from the sky and we celebrate the day Christ was born. We put away decorations, take down lights, and anticipate the return of Spring. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, grass growing and greening are longed for and we simply wait. The days will slowly get longer, the branches sticking out of the cold earth will bloom into bright colors, and we are ready for the change. But somehow even though we’ve gone through a whole cycle of seasons, where our children have grown a little taller, holidays have came and gone, we’ve gained another wrinkle or two on our once youthful faces, things still feel the same. And then it’s over, just like that. The air grows cooler, days grow shorter and we welcome the change.


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