1 to 2 to 3

Life these days is busy. The minutes tick by on the clock on our fireplace mantle….1 to 2 to 3 until an hour has rushed past and we’re on to the next one. We awaken and chocolate milk is drank from sippy cups held by tiny hands and fingers, occasionally spilled in small spots dotting the cream colored carpet going unnoticed for days. Cartoons are watched, pajamas are still on, and blankets are strewn over little bodies lying on the living room rug. Minutes tick by…1 to 2 to 3 and another hour has passed. Teeth are brushed, cute clothes are put on and bows are arranged on top of little girl’s heads.

spring2013 055

Mom tries to get herself put together as babies tug at her husband’s sweat pants that hang loosely around her waste. Combs, ponytail holders, and anything found in bathroom drawers is brought out by little hands and pretty soon the bathroom floor that was clear of clutter in the morning is now littered with random objects. Toilet paper is unrolled onto tiled floor which is eventually rolled back up into a lumpy mess. And Mom finally places it on the countertop which is where it’s new home will be until later that night when little eyes close.


Mom calls it good as she lets out a sigh as they all leave from the bathroom leaving behind a large mess. Another hour has passed. Games are played, toys are brought out, activities are done and fighting ensues. Tears run down little girls faces as a time out is issued and Mom takes a deep breath. She counts to 3….1 to 2 to 3. And another hour has passed. Lunchtime is here. Mom rummages through the white cabinets that are splattered with spaghetti sauce from the night before. Fruit is cut up, crackers are shook out of their box, chicken nuggets are brought out of their frozen bag for the 3rd time this week, milk is put back into sippy cups that little hands grab and lunch is ate.


The minutes continue to tick by on the clock….1 to 2 to 3 and another hour has passed. Hands are washed with paper towels as babies scream and clench their fists in revolt. Faces are wiped and the globs of food are wiped up. The dog eats the food that is wiped onto the floor and Mom is thankful for the animal. Babies eyes are rubbed, a warm bottle is made and nap time has arrived. Little eyes close, binkies bob up and down in little mouths and soft pink blankets cover up small bodies that lye in their cribs.


On to the next one. “I’m not tired”, is stated as feet run around the house. 1 to 2 to 3. A grumpy face stomps to her room and lets out a loud sigh. Sleep will rarely come about but rather playtime instead. Another hour has passed. Dishes are put away in cluttered cabinets, toys are thrown in large baskets, the bed is finally made, the bathroom is cleaned and Mom thinks to put the lumpy toilet paper roll back but instead leaves it on the counter. The minutes tick by faster…1 to 2 to 3 and Mom races to get everything done. Laundry is washed and folded, bills are paid, counters are wiped down, supper is figured out, e-mail and facebook are checked, dusting takes place and then she hears a cry. Everyone is up and a snack is asked for. 1 to 2 to 3… another hour has passed.


Snacks are ate, mess is cleaned up and the dog eats the remnants wiped on the floor. Cartoons might be watched again or maybe a game will take place but Mom smiles as she looks at her 2 girls laughing with each other at something only their young minds can understand.

august2013 017

Bedrooms are cleaned, diapers are changed and husband is home. Husband gets a quick hello as Mom is trying to cook Supper with a little one crying and pulling on her husband’s sweatpants that are hanging loosely from her waist.  Another hour has passed. Supper is ate. Dishes are cleaned and loaded into a Godsend machine. Powder is poured, dials are turned and a gentle humming sound takes place. Baths are given to little girls who splash, laugh and play. Mom smiles as she watches her girls laugh and play together. Baby lotion is put on, pajamas are picked out and wet hair is combed.

spring2013 020

The bathroom is cleaned up, towels are hung and family time is in store. Tv is watched or sometimes not.


Little girls run around fighting the tiredness that is creeping its way into their bodies. 1 to 2 to 3… another hour has passed. Bed-time has arrived. A warm bottle is made and little eyes close. Book upon book upon book is read and a voice clearly states, “I’m not tired”.  Lamps are turned on, lights are turned out and a little body finally gives into the tiredness that has crept its way in and her eyes slowly close. Another hour has passed. Toys are strewn about every room which is picked up by hands and thrown into baskets. A shower is took, a face washed and husband’s sweatpants are replaced with a different pair. 1 to 2 to 3. Another hour has passed. Mom brushes her teeth and glances at the lumpy toilet paper roll on the bathroom counter. She puts it back in place only to know that the next day, after the many minutes tick by..1 to 2 to 3…that it will be placed back onto the countertop and be even more of a lumpy mess.

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