Door Turned into Mirror

Matt and I had SO much fun in Vegas last week. It was nice to get away just the two of us without kids. But after a day or two I started missing them and by day 7 I was SO READY to come home. Being a stay at home Mom I sometimes get stir-crazy. And I feel like I do the same things over and over, day by day. As time goes on and I don’t really get a break my patience can start to wear thin, I get anxious, frustrated because even though I get to stay at home I still rarely never get to accomplish what I want to everyday and really just get stuck in a rut. This vacation made me feel renewed and refreshed. I have been in a great mood since we’ve come back, have more patience, am not feeling stir crazy, and appreciate so much more this life I’ve been given and my 2 little girls.

So, Moms and Dads, don’t feel guilty for taking a “vaca” for two. It’s good to get a break. To take time just for the two of you!

I found this old door in a barn somewhere in Southwest Nebraska:


I instantly fell in love with the color and lugged it back to Kansas


Pretty dirty and the paint was chipping badly


So I sanded the crap out of this thing until it was smooth as butter. I mixed some turquoise paint I had left over with some white to match the color and gave it a new coat. I then stained it a dark color to give it that aged look.


And, here it is!^!^!^!^!  Haha. This is actually what we had in our room before……And after:


I had a glass company cut a mirror to size for only $60 something dollars and glued it on.


If you go to your local hardware store they can help you find which glue to buy.


I loved that this door still had the knob attached


This only cost me $60ish dollars and it is so unique. I may add some crown molding to the top in the future to give it some more detail. I love how it looks in our room!

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