New Shelves

I am soooo sick of snow and cold.

Beyond sick.

So sick I’m contemplating picking up and moving to Florida.

Once February hits I get extremely anxious for Spring and it seems we always have a few days that the temp. hits 60 degrees and the sun is shining and that makes me even more anxious.

So I am praying that we get NO MORE SNOW!

Bring on the sunshine, green grass, flowers, and Summer activities. I am READY! And so are my girls!

This weekend while we were cooped up inside I finally got around to putting up some shelves in our hallway.


This was the space before. Not too exciting. I wanted to create more space to put up picture frames and other décor.


I found these shelves at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for only $5.00 each!

The only thing I did to these shelves was spray paint them white. Pretty simple!


Don’t they look like they just belong there?


I love that I now have another place to fill up with décor.

And I love that this project only cost me 10 bucks!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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