New Paint Color

The best way to transform a room is with a little paint.

Or in my case A LOT of paint.

A couple tips for all you diy painters out there:

#1. Buy a good quality paint.

This is so important. The better quality the less coats you will have to do which is a major plus and a big timesaver.

#2. Buy the right tools.

In the past to save money I would buy the cheaper paintbrushes and rollers and skip the plastic liners altogether. If I needed a smaller paintbrush and didn’t have one I would just try to make do with what I had. All this did was create a lot more headaches and I spent a lot more time painting and fixing mistakes. Buy the better quality brushes, rollers, etc. and you will save yourself a lot of time.

#3. Take your time.

I tend to get impatient when it comes to painting. I just want to get done so I rush rush rush.  In the end this creates more problems… spilled paint on carpet, trim, ceilings, clothing, etc. So try as hard as you can to take your time and realize in the end it will be worth it.

I spent 3 long days painting our entire living room, kitchen and dining room.

Was it the most fun 3 days of my life? Um no, far from. But I love the end result and am so happy I took the time to change up our wall color.


Spring 2014 054

I had been tired of this yellow color for a couple years

Spring 2014 055

But I had been putting off painting because well…..painting kind of sucks. Sorry, but it does.



Much better, huh?! After I got done painting I started freaking out because it was way too dark and I started to think I’d have to repaint the whole thing…… but I painted one wall a cream color to brighten up the room a little bit and it added the perfect touch of brightness to the room.


It flows so much better into the hallway now.


The white fireplace stands out so much more with the dark color.


I still need to get some new decorations, curtains, pillows, etc. but that will all come in time.

Is there a room you’ve been avoiding painting?

My advice: just do it and you will be so happy you did! (After you’re done painting that is.)

Have a great day!

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