Design Creates Feelings


I saw this quote today and realized this is a major reason why I love design.

Decorating a room a certain way creates feelings and emotions.

There have been houses I’ve been to and when I’ve walked in I immediately felt a sense of peace, a feeling of calmness and even though I was not at my own house it in a way felt like home.

Colors, furniture, décor, & colors all play a role in how a room can make you feel.

I try to make my house feel as cozy and comfortable as possible. My goal is for people to walk through the door and instantly feel a sense of “home”.

With my 2 little girls’ rooms I like bright colors and colorful décor to create an exciting & playful environment.

And I like a very calming, peaceful vibe in our master bedroom.

What kind of emotion do you want people to feel when they enter your home?

The answer to that question can help you figure out how you want to decorate your home if you haven’t figured that out yet.

Have a safe and great weekend!




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