Screen Door Makeover

There’s something about old screen doors that just scream “home”.

I don’t know why but when I think of an old screen door I envision a big white house sitting on a property in the South with a big ol’ front porch and a jug of sweet tea sitting on a table between 2 rocking chairs.

I don’t live in the South.

My house is not big.

And I don’t drink sweet tea.

But regardless I think the screen door I re did looks like it belongs sitting on our porch.


SpringandEaster2014 002

This thing needed a lot of TLC.

The first step was to clean this thing up. I wiped it all down with water and soap.

I then sanded and filled in holes and dents with spackle. And sanded again until the surface was smooth.

In the process I lost the 2 pieces of arched wood at the top. It was so old that it was basically completely rotted out so in the trash they went. Bummer.

A couple coats of fresh paint and a little distressing was done.

Lastly, I removed the entire “screen part” and stapled lace to the back of it.

Here she is now:


I am just in love with it. It really adds a lot to our little front porch.


Lace is great to use to replace old screens. It is relatively cheap and super easy to work with.


While doing this my intention the whole time was to sell this at Junktoberfest in October at my booth but after I got done I just couldn’t bear to part ways with her.

Looks like I’ll have to do some searching for some more old screen doors!

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