DIY Stenciled Frame

*My life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments.*

We celebrated Jayde’s birthday this weekend and it was so much fun.

I love throwing birthday parties. I know Jayde doesn’t care or even notice that the napkins and plates coordinate as well as the straws and confetti. But I still love to match and decorate for the celebration anyways.

We had a lot of family come down for the weekend and some friends over to celebrate.

It’s one of those times that you just sit back and realize how blessed you really are.

It was really a perfect weekend.

And when my Mom sent me this text this morning, “My life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments.”, it really was perfect timing.

Life is hard. Life isn’t fair. Life really stinks sometimes.

And we can get stuck in this rut of feeling sorry for ourselves, not being grateful for what we have or who we have in our lives and feel like there’s this great big cloud hanging over our heads.

But then a “perfect moment” happens.

And you’re reminded that this life God gave you is pretty amazing.

Since we had such a busy weekend I decided to unwind this afternoon and make this diy frame.It was just a plain piece of wood before a little paint turned it into this:


I love love love this! And it was so easy! I primed and painted the piece of wood.


Then I stenciled the design onto it. After distressing I added some twine to hold the picture and a cute bow.


I love how it turned out! And that little girl is pretty darn cute too!

Hope your day has been filled with at least a “perfect moment” or two 🙂

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