Waterfall Vanity

I am so excited about the way this piece turned out.

I bought this Waterfall Vanity from the nicest old man. He goes to Auctions all over and buys pieces to sell to people and I’m sure glad he found this old waterfall vanity. I was thinking that would be a really fun hobby to do when you’re older. You’d probably see a lot of the same people, meet new people, make a lot of friends, get out and about, etc. I’ll have to keep that in mind 40 years from now.


Here she is. I love the round curves of this piece of furniture and that it is all REAL WOOD. She did need some TLC though. After sanding and filling in holes and dents with some wood filler and sanding some more I primed and painted her and here she is:


Now if this doesn’t scream “little girl” I don’t know what does!


I call these “peekaboo polka dots”. They are very faint and not so “in your face” which I like for this piece. Subtle and cute.


I did distress the piece a little but I didn’t want to do too much. Lace is used for the drawer handles. I think they add such a cute, girly touch. And they work just as good as regular drawer handles.


I used a wax to finish the whole piece.


It is taking a lot of willpower not to keep this piece……like a lot…..


But I will be selling it regardless and hope it finds its way to some little girl’s room who can enjoy the piece for many years and maybe even pass it down to their daughter someday.


Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear any comments any of you may have!





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