Sheet Music Side Table

I must say this just might be my favorite project I’ve done yet.

I feel like I say that quite a bit whenever I show you a new project I’ve done…..


I thought this table was so cute. It got even cuter after I found out it was only $5.00.

I used wood glue to fix the legs (a lot of them were loose) and sanded some parts of it.

I actually made my own chalk paint! I was a little nervous of how it would turn out since I’ve never made my own before but I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to work with, dried very fast and adhered nicely to the table.

I used this formula:  1 cup paint, 2 1/2 Tab. of plaster of paris, 1 Tab of Water. Mix it up and that’s it!

I used a nice slate blue color and used mod podge to attach sheet music to the top.

And after:


I just think this table is absolutely adorable.


Chalk paint creates some distressing on its own so I didn’t have to sand very much to get the look I was going for.


I used polycrylic spray for the top and gave it a bunch of coats so I was sure the sheet music was protected.


I sanded the edges to make it look more like the sheet music had always been a part of the table.

I think this would look lovely in a little boys or girls room.

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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