Lamp Makeover

The school year is about to start and I am ready!

Ready to get on a schedule, travel less, and have a routine.

Being a stay at home Mom I appreciate schedules and routines because sometimes it’s hard to have those if you are at home all day with kiddos.

I worked on a few projects over the weekend, one including this lamp that I made-over:


I think I bought this when I was in college…….many years ago

And after:


Much better! I used a technique called “dry brushing”. All you do is take a dry paint brush and get a very little amount of paint on it and lightly go over the object. Repeat until you have the desired look you are going for. I like this because it gives the piece dimension and looks some what distressed.


I cut burlap strips and simply tied them around the frame of the lamp shade.


Very shabby chic! I will be selling this at the Funky Junk Market in Funk, NE on September 13th!

Hope you all are having a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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