A Preview of Fall

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. Pumpkins, hot cider, pumpkin patches, cool weather, football, football food, and Halloween all are on my list of my favorite things about Fall.

Decorating for Fall and Halloween is a real treat.

Here is a little preview of our home all decorated for Fall:

Welcome to our porch


Pumpkins and mums are definite Fall musts.





I made this chair simply by cutting out a circle in the middle of it for a pot and painted it. And presto-chango…. a unique planter.


These brooms were all found at garage sales. Simply attaching some ribbon gives them a witchy vibe.


Spiders are a must-have when decorating for Halloween.


Just as long as real ones stay out of our house…….


Our front entrance. I love vintage prints like this one on my coat rack.


Spider-webs are a cheap and easy way to create a spookier vibe


This Halloween tree is one of my favorite decorations I created this year. A garage sale small Christmas tree & ribbon and pumpkins from Hobby Lobby is all it took to create this tree.


These fun orange and brown décor that is sticking out of the tree were actually found in the Christmas isle but I think they are perfect for Halloween/Fall


Thanks for tagging along to see all my décor for Fall/Halloween. Hope you all are having great Falls so far and enjoying it as much as I am!



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