Christmas Show 2014

Can you believe it is almost 2015?!

I don’t know where this year went…. I really don’t.  Just yesterday it seems like I was getting the girls in their tiny swimsuits, slathering sunscreen on their skin and packing them up in the car to go to the swimming pool. Just yesterday it seems like pumpkins aligned our front porch and Halloween was still weeks away.

But here we are…. Christmas is over and the New Year is just a few short days away.

And I’m still wondering……. where did this year go?!

This year has been a great year for our family and I’m looking forward to the next one but just hope it doesn’t fly right by like this year did.

A lot of people make new resolutions at the start of the new year.  I usually don’t but this year decided I was going to.

My resolution is to only use my phone to Call someone or Text someone (or use it when we are traveling to look up locations, directions, etc.), but besides that I am going to try Really, Really hard to not be messing around on my phone on facebook, e-mail, pinterest, etc.  I’ve realized the few minutes I get on it many, many times a day adds up to a lot of wasted time that could be used doing something else way more productive.

I did a Christmas show at the beginning of December and wanted to share my photos from it. I had a lot of fun getting ready for it and searching for vintage Christmas decor’.




I thought these chairs were just adorable. My Mom ended up purchasing them 🙂


Home-made picture frames were really fun to make


I found so many cool vintage ornaments. I wish I would’ve gotten a close up picture of the Santas on the tree, they are so cute!


I LOVE this Santa decoration. It reminds me of the Santa on the door on the movie Home Alone.  Watch it sometime and you will see what I’m talking about 🙂


Traditional Christmas decor, like plaid prints, lots of greenery, etc. was the theme of my booth.


More vintage Christmas bulbs.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a great New Years Eve and I wish you all to have blessed 2015s’!

Thanks for stopping by!



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