Gallery Wall For Under $10

It is my favorite time of year……… Garage Sale Season! I had never been to a garage sale in my life until last year. I hate to admit that before this time I kind of thought garage sales were gross……used stuff that has God knows what on it is what came to mind when I thought of them. But since that time I have definitely matured and realized that garage sales are awesome! I have found so much cool, unique stuff that would’ve cost me a fortune to buy from a retail store. And it’s nice to know I can actually decorate my house the way I want to without having to spend tons of money. And lets get real…… I don’t have “tons of money” lying around so garage sales have really LET me decorate my house in all reality.

If you have never been to a garage sale… go to a few. More than a few…..maybe like 10 before you decide if they are for you or not. Because really, for every 10 garage sales…. only usually 1 or 2 of them are actually good ones with stuff I actually want to purchase.

Speaking of garage sales… I found all of these frames at different garage sales throughout the Summer last year. 015

There were a lot more to go with these but I sold the rest of them at my shows and held on to all of these for a Gallery wall for the baby room. All together these cost me under $5.00. I removed the glass and pictures from them, cleaned them with windex and then spray painted them a gold color.

Easy Peasy.

005 And here is the Gallery Wall. Cute, right?!


I’ve always loved the color gold. When it comes to jewelry, shoes, decor, etc. I usually always choose gold over silver. 003

When choosing frames for a Gallery Wall try to find ones that are different shapes, sizes and textures. This makes for a more interesting look in my opinion. This is a very simple gallery wall as you can see but sometimes less is more.

I am so excited to show you all the rest of my projects I’ve done in this baby’s room and even more excited to show you what it looks like all done! Be on the look-out for more posts coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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