Vintage Prints in Baby Room

Another start of the week.

Another round of sickness.

It’s kind of funny how motherhood changes you. A couple years ago if I got puked on I probably would’ve puked myself but Saturday night I was literally projectile vomited on by our 2 year old Aubree and it didn’t even phase me.

And last night when she threw up all over the couch……it wasn’t really a big deal.

If we could just all be healthy I promise I will never complain ever again….ever about anything!!

We’re going to the doctors this morning so hopefully they can give her something like they did Jayde and we can be done with this sickness once and for all.

I thought I would share with you all a super easy project I did for the baby room before we head off to the doctors.


My Mom found these vintage prints at my Grandma’s house. I gladly took them off her hands for her and knew they would be a perfect fit for the baby’s’ room.

My first thought was to get them professionally framed but I knew that would cost more money than what I would want to spend so I rummaged through the garage and found these 2 frames I had painted that hadn’t sold at my shows. I completely forgot I had them and was so happy I found them.


I simply cut the picture to fit the back of the frame and hot glued it onto the back. Simple. Easy. My kind of project.


I think the prints are just adorable. My love for vintage prints has grown over the last year.


This project literally cost me nothing since I had everything on hand already.

I LOVE having something of my Grandma’s in the baby’s room. She was the best Grandma and I miss her so much.

And it’s nice to have something of hers in my house that I can look at and be reminded of her.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have great weeks!

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