Slow Down and Play a Game of Memory or Two

My nesting mode has been in full force the last month. Painting trim, organizing closets, deep cleaning the freezer and fridge, scrubbing grout, laundry, shampooing the carpet (twice), dusting, scrubbing tubs and toilets, Lysoling everything, constantly re-organizing toys, sweeping and mopping, sweeping and mopping again and again and again, etc. is what I’ve pretty much been up to the last few weeks. Every little particle of food on the floor drives me crazy until it is swept away. Fingerprints smudged on the mirror make me shudder. Toys left out on the floor (which is a constant thing with a 4 and 2 year old) make me go crazy inside.  And I can’t seem to stop cleaning everything in sight.

Until today.

Last night I realized I have been so consumed by dirt and clutter and other tasks I’ve wanted to get done before our little girl arrives that I had been neglecting just having some fun with my 2 little girls that are already here.

“Mommy will you do this coloring page with me?”

“Sorry Jayde, not right now…maybe in a little bit”, I say as I’m loading the dishwasher.

“Mom, can we play outside?”

“Sorry girls, not right now, I have to put the groceries away.”

“Mom can you read this book to me?”

“Honey, not right now, I have to finish this.”

“Mom , can we play my new Frozen game?”

“Not right now, maybe later.”

After getting the girls put to bed, finishing a load of laundry, cleaning up toys and putting dishes away I finally plopped down at about 10:00 last night and realized everything the girls had asked me to do that day I had either said “Sorry, not now” or “Sorry, maybe later”, or “Sorry, I have to finish this right now, maybe when I’m done”, or “Maybe tomorrow we can do it”.

And my heart sunk.

So I told myself today that I would do things different.

This morning after I got my payroll done instead of instantly getting ready and starting on my “to do list” for the day I sat down on the couch and read some books and did some Preschool activity pages with them.

Coloring was next.

Pictures for friends were drawn.

And then a tickling war. That I won at I might add.

After nap time Memory, a Frozen game, and Trouble were played. I may have won at 1 or 2 of the games. What can I say, I think it’s good that kids learn that it’s OK to lose, that the world will still go on and that they aren’t going to win at everything in their life. That might sound harsh but to me it’s just part of life.

Looking at baby birds that were just born in a nest on our porch were looked at and “oohed” and “awed” over.

No, “Come on girls, lets hurry” , “Hurry up guys, I need to start supper”, or “Lets go guys” was spoken out of my mouth.

Instead of messing around on my phone at bath time and continuously reminding them not to splash water all over the bathroom floor, I joined in on the fun with them as Rubber Ducky saved dolphins from drowning in a turbulent ocean. Pretty serious stuff.

And tucking them in and telling them good night wasn’t quite as rushed.

And tonight as they lay in bed and I’m sitting here typing on my computer I am smiling because today was a good day.

Sometimes you just have to slow down and play a game of Memory or two to remind yourself that they wont be little forever, the dishes can sometimes wait and “Sorry, I”m busy” needs to be said a little less often.

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