Back and It Feels So Good!

Holy cow! I can’t believe it’s been almost four months since I have done a blog post. So much has happened in our lives the last few months, Big…Big Changes.

We welcomed another little girl into our family, Brielle Rose, and we couldn’t be happier.

She is an absolute doll and has been the BEST baby. Literally…. I mean the BEST.

She has the biggest, best smiles that make my heart so happy.

And her 2 older sisters adore her.

If only the 2 older ones adored each other……..

I would say 50% of the time they adore one another and the other 50% of the time they are annoyed with one another.

I grew up with 5 sisters and I would say that sounds about right.

They just started fighting a couple months ago and I have to say that’s one of the tougher things I have dealt with in this whole parenting thing.

Another big change…. Jayde started Kindergarten.

I can’t believe I have an actual child in Kindergarten. A lot of different emotions surrounding that topic. She LOVES school though and can’t wait to go every morning which makes it a little easier on me.

And another huge change…. a week and a half ago we moved into a new house!

Needless to say it has been a crazy few months and I am still feeling like my life is just crazy. I kind of feel like DORY on that Fish Movie…. I am drawing a blank on the name of the movie but this fish, DORY, is scatter brained and is all over the place and that is exactly how I am feeling.

I have a lot of different emotions about this too….. I get attached to things easily and am very sentimental so even though I know moving was the right choice I am still having a hard time with it.

Our old house was our home for over 6 years. It was where we brought each of our daughters home… where we celebrated birthdays and holidays. First steps were taken in the living room, hundreds of bed time stories were read in that house, Jayde learned to ride her bike in that driveway, silly girls’ laughter were heard coming from their rooms most days, late nights with babies were had, rocking little ones to sleep, many family meals were had in the dining room, etc.  Many, many hours of projects and painting were done inside and outside of the house to make it ours. And even though we had been looking for a while and I knew we would eventually move I still feel like I can’t believe we really did it….. Gave someone (ok, not gave.. if we gave our house away that would be pretty awesome for the people moving in)… Sold/gave someone all of our hard work… all of our memories…. all of our special moments in that home.

I’ve read that it just takes time… time to get adjusted to your new home, time to make new memories, time to start making it your own……

So I am waiting for that to happen… which I know it will…eventually.

On a positive note I am excited to show you all new projects inside of this house! I have lots of ideas and wish there were about 78.3790 more hours in my day to do them all 🙂

So be on the lookout for more posts coming soon!

Have a great rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!

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