Numbered Ladder

In the past when I heard someone say, “We lost it in the move.”, I always thought to myself, how in the world did you lose it when you moved?  Don’t you just put your stuff in boxes, label them, take them to the new house and unpack them? How does stuff get lost?

And now I understand.

After moving a few weeks ago I really couldn’t tell you where 50% of our stuff is at.

Need toilet paper?  Let me check in this closet…ok maybe it’s in this one…wrong again… I’ll look under the sink……

Need Windex to clean windows and mirrors?  It’s not under the sink, in the garage or in the car…. doesn’t seem to be anywhere… Although I know I had 2 to 3 bottles of it at my old house.

That big broom we had in the garage at our old house…’s no where to be found now……

So I get it. Completely get it. And I’m sorry for judging all of you who told me you “lost it in the move”. 🙂

The other day there were literally 548 other things I should’ve been doing but I decided to work on a quick project.


I’ve had this old ladder for a while but never really had anyplace to put it until now. Our porch is quite a bit bigger so I’m excited to decorate it and this ladder was perfect for it.


First step was to paint the steps. I chose a nice, bright white.


I used large numbered stickers and Mod Podge to adhere the stickers to the ladder.


I think it’s adorbs.


If you don’t have stickers you can stencil the numbers on.


Or freehand them….. if you are brave enough….


I love projects like this that you can get done quickly.

Hope you all are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by!



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