Adding some color to the Porch

You don’t realize how important landscaping is until you don’t have any…..

Dirt…… Stickers….. Mud…… Weeds…… Lots of Grasshoppers……is what our yard is full of. Eww.

Seriously I want to know where all these grasshoppers are coming from?? I literally found one jumping in my car today and I didn’t have any windows open or anything. Fishy……

Anyways, good landscaping can really take your house to the next level.

Right before we moved Matt and I put some money into our backyard. We put in 2 big flower beds (well lets be real… I was 8 months pregnant so Matt dug the flower beds, put up a border and planted the plants. But I did put the plants were I wanted them so I helped a little! ), a nice walkway, and some new trees.

And holy cow! Our backyard looked SOOOOOOOOOO much better.

Then we moved 2 months later.

At least we got to enjoy it for a while I guess.

Since I just have a dirt filled, grasshopper infested yard to look at as of now I wanted to brighten up our porch with some plants.

I got this hydrangea plant from:

I wanted something unique and I LOVE hydrangeas. I am always seeing them in magazines and on Pinterest and I think they are so pretty.

They shipped it to me and this is how it came inside a larger box:


So pretty… it looks like a present ready to be opened


What I LOVED was it came with these instructions on how to take care of it.  Good for people like me who don’t know a whole lot what they’re doing in the plant/garden department.

Since I have no yard I planted it in this old metal bucket I bought at a garage sale and later when we get a yard I will transplant it





Look at this awesome bench I scored for only $25


I love it and am considering painting it…. but I don’t know yet…..

It’s nice to have a little color on the porch now.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a safe weekend!

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