Fall At The New House

It’s the 1st day of Fall!


I love everything that comes along with Fall.

This year I didn’t put out as many decorations as I usually do just because our life has been so crazy lately.

But I did manage to get a few decorations out!

It’s fun decorating our new house. In our old house I always put decorations in the same places and now I have a whole new area to work with.

Here is Fall at our New House:

Fall 2015 015

I got this wreath for $1 at a garage sale and I made this chalkboard from an old cabinet

Fall 2015 001

One thing I REALLY love about our new house is our fireplace

Fall 2015 002

Fall 2015 003

Fall 2015 011

I try to incorporate a lot of stuff I already have out when I decorate for a holiday. I just got this old scale from Lemon Street Antiques in Bartley, NE. I grew up in Bartley, a town of about 350 people, and I have to say I am ECSTATIC we now have somewhere to go shop at when we visit back home. They have the BEST junk and are the nicest people. Look them up on Facebook and if you are ever driving through Bartley you HAVE to stop!

Fall 2015 014

Fall 2015 005

If you’ve read my blog before you know I always decorate a tree for every Holiday.

Fall 2015 006

I love anything that lights up.

Fall 2015 007

Fall 2015 008

My sister, Kourtney, makes these small signs. She free-hands them. Yes, you heard me correct…. free-hands. She is an amazing artist. I wanted to frame this sign but all of my frames are still in our storage unit and last time I attempted to get them there were lots of spider webs and 1 very large spider so my mission was a failure.

Fall 2015 010

I just bought this pillow from the Barn Sale in Hastings, NE last weekend and I love it so much I kind of want to keep it out all year round.

Fall 2015 019

My porch is really simple this year

Fall 2015 018

Mums are an essential part of Fall

Fall 2015 021

So are hay-bales

Fall 2015 017

I just bought this urn from someone for $5. I love a good deal.

Fall 2015 025

Green pumpkins speak to me….. they just do.

Hope you enjoyed Fall at our new House!

Thanks for looking.

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