All Hallows’ Eve

I adore Halloween.

It’s almost right up there with Christmas for me.

I’m not into blood dripping skeletons, zombies or creepy creatures when it comes to decorating.

The creepiest thing I use when decorating is spiders.

But I do love witches, pumpkins, black cats and anything that lights up 🙂

Again, I don’t have too many decorations since we’ve been so busy and I’m still working on decorating our house…. which brings to mind…. when buying a new house do you find you wish you had like $10,000.00 just lying around to be able to use for things for the house? There’s about 8,763 things I want to buy/do to the house but I can’t find that $10,000.00 anywhere……..

Anyways, here is my house decorated for All Hallows’ Eve:


I really like witches’ brooms if you couldn’t tell…..


I bought this Trick Or Treat Lighted Banner from Target. Target is another thing I adore.


Spiders are a must for Halloween…. but I could do without the real, alive ones.


I made this Witch picture for pennies….. spray paint a old frame, glue burlap over the glass, mod-podge a picture on.


I like vintage decorations


Spider webs instantly create anything into a Halloween decoration.




I over time have collected all of these brooms and simply attached ribbon on them to make them look more like a Witches’ Broom



I love this lighted Witches’ Hat


Another cheap decoration: paint a old frame and put a vintage print it. Cost me basically nothing.




Thanks for stopping by

Hope you all have spooktacular Halloweens’!

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