Christmas Is Here

Christmas truly is the best time of year.

I really wish the whole month of December would just SLOW down.

This was my first time decorating for Christmas in our new house and it was fun but also kind of hard. At our old house I had a spot for every Christmas decoration that we owned so putting everything out was easy.  It took me a while but after playing around with stuff I think I got most things in the place I liked even though I had to move things around a few times(and not to mention moving the 9 foot decorated Christmas tree across the living room because I decided I didn’t like where it was after a few days….that was fun.)

So, get cozy, grab some hot cocoa and a big, soft blanket and welcome to our home.

Our Entryway:

christmas2015 001

christmas2015 002

christmas2015 003

I LOVE reindeer……. I actually want to get a real one but Matt said no…maybe he will come around to the idea in a couple years.

christmas2015 010

I like natural looking Christmas greenery so I just filled up this bucket with them. (Don’t look at our dirty floors…)christmas2015 011christmas2015 008

christmas2015 017

I always like to use items I already have when decorating

christmas2015 024

This mantle is quite a bit smaller than our one at our old house so it was kind of a challenge to decorate it. Next year I’ll probably do something different.christmas2015 018

Another reindeer….christmas2015 019

It’s really nice to have a fireplace to hang stockings from

christmas2015 022

christmas2015 029christmas2015 031christmas2015 027

I think these vintage Santa mugs are adorable…. I did have 4 but accidentally washed 2 of them in the dish washer and they were ruined.

christmas2015 033

I found him at a second hand store and think he’s also adorable. Aubree was playing with him and tore off his arm so it’s tucked in his Santa suit……… poor Santa.

christmas2015 038christmas2015 082

Sometimes simple is just better

christmas2015 084

Christmas2015 003

Christmas trees lit up at night is just simply the best.Christmas2015 002

I used burlap ribbon to decorate the tree

christmas2015 058

We just bought this tree a month ago and I was soooooooo excited because it is pre-lit.

Christmas2015 007

We use a variety of ornaments on our tree…. ornaments from Matt and my childhoods, new ornaments, the ornaments the girls get, etc.christmas2015 047

I like vintage ornaments like this onechristmas2015 048

This is one from my childhood….. I would’ve been 5 when I got thischristmas2015 050

And I like cute ones like this little owl

christmas2015 039

This year I went simple on wrapping paper. christmas2015 041

Another reindeer…. 🙂  If you’re reading this Matt, ” All I want for Christmas is a reindeer. Please, with sugar on top.”

Next time I’ll share my porch!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season.

Thanks for stopping by.


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