Brielle’s Nursery

It is February 15th and it is supposed to get up to 60 today!!!!!!

I am so excited for Spring. One big reason why is we are finally getting grass; something most people probably take for granted.

But not me.

When looking for a new house I told Matt I would not move into a new build and I would not move into a house without grass and landscaping. Well we ended up moving into a house that was a new build and had no grass and no landscaping. I’m still trying to figure out how that quite happened…….

But any-who I can’t wait for lush, green grass; no more looking out my window at sticky, brown mud. I can’t wait for the girls to be able to run around the yard in bare feet and I can’t wait for Jax to quit tracking in mud. And I can’t wait to plant flowers, trees, herbs, etc.

I think grass is good for the soul.

I wanted to share Brielle’s nursery with you all today. It’s very similar to her old room at our old house but is a little different. Today is going to be a lot of pictures so enjoy!


Her room was already this color when we moved in so I decided to leave it this color. I think it goes well with her decor. I would honestly prefer a lighter color but at this point painting a room sounds like a lot of work….


The setup is similar to her room at our old house.066

I love the sunlight that comes into her room in the mornings.


All 3 of my girls have had this mobile.052

I still love this old dresser that I painted.


Blues and golds are so pretty together044

A wire basket is perfect to hold all of her blankets040

This table is still one of my favorite pieces I’ve done so far


My Mom made this for Brielle and I think it’s adorable032

I remember Matt went and got this chair the day after Thanksgiving and it was on sale for like $60 or something like that. At the time I was pregnant with Jayde. It’s not the prettiest but a blanket helps. 045

Brielle’s Great Aunt got her this and it’s absolutely adorable. I love bunnies.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of her nursery.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


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