Simple Pleasures

There’s some things in life that make me feel a sense of peace, comfort and happiness; all good things. Some things that are irreplaceable. The feelings they evoke cannot be replicated by anything else; no new technological invention even. And I’m sure you have these things too in your life, maybe you even share a few with me. Here are my “things”:

High School Sports games on the radio: I don’t care if it’s volleyball, basketball, guys or girls, or what team is playing… I love listening to games on the radio. I would say 90% of the time I don’t know the team but for some reason when a game comes on I feel an instant sense of comfort and nostalgia. It takes me back to my high-school days when I played sports and lived at home. Wasn’t being a kid great? I just love it though and always will.

The Radio: I don’t care about your Sirius Radio, cds(does anyone even listen to cds anymore?), your I-pod, whatever account you have on-line that you can listen to music through, I am all about the plain ole’ radio. I like the morning talk shows, I like the ads, and I just like that it is simple. I get in my car, music comes on and that’s it. No plugging in this to this, no looking up exactly what song I want to hear, not having over 10 different station options…. I know my top 3 stations I like and that’s that. Simple. Easy. Music to my ears.

The Price is Right: This one may sound weird or maybe you agree but I love “The Price is Right”. I grew up watching this great game show and remember whenever I would visit my Grandma in Omaha she would watch it every day. I would sit down in front of the tv with a piece of paper and pen and write down my bets and see if I would’ve won. “The Price is Right” reminds me of my Grandma and every time I watch it my memories are flooded of her and her and my Grandpa’s home.

Driving in the Morning: I am not a morning person. I wish I was. But I just don’t think it’s ever going to be in the cards for me. With that being said… although I dislike getting up in the mornings I LOVE getting up early and driving somewhere. Driving in the morning is so peaceful and relaxing to me that I will drag myself out of bed just to be on the road as the sun is coming up. I don’t really like driving any other time though, I especially dis-like driving at night. Yuck. But give me a sun-rise, a cup of coffee, good company and an open road and I am a happy gal. (And a #3 Mcdonald’s breakfast meal doesn’t hurt either.)

-Card Games: Give me a deck of cards and a few people and I can be entertained for hours. Literally. Hours. Long bus rides to opposing team’s schools during volleyball and basketball were spent playing Pitch the entire time. Free time in band was spent playing spoons but with pencils and pens instead (risky, I know.). My best friend and me playing NERTS probably hundreds of times in her room or her parent’s camper at the lake during our entire high-school career. Playing Kings on the Corner with my Grandma. Beating some of my sisters in RUMY (like literally…every-time). Oh, and also my best friend and me beating my mom and dad in Pitch (every time… and no cheating was ever done). And lots of card games were played in college.. mostly on Friday and Saturday nights with some type of liquid involved. Cards have always been a part of my life. Maybe I like card games so much because 96% of the time I win at them…. I don’t know…..

-The Mountains: Specifically Estes Park, CO actually because those are the only mountains I’ve ever been to. My mom and dad have taken us to Estes Park a handful of times (thanks mom and dad) and I would have to say it’s probably my favorite place to go. There’s really nothing like it. Nothing. It is so relaxing. The fresh mountain air, the streams of water, the amazing views…. it’s simply the best. I could go to Estes Park every Summer and never get tired of it. Never. Ever. So mom and dad if you are reading this….. Take Note 🙂

-Front Porch Sittin‘: More people need front porches…. just saying. At our first house we had a front porch and I adored it. Some of Matt and I’s most important and best conversations were had on that porch. Memories of family coming to visit and hanging out on the porch are in the crevices of my mind as well. I’ll always hold on to those memories and cherish them. There’s just something about front porches that brings people together. My favorite time to sit in my rocking chair is right at dusk when the sun is going down or at night. It is so relaxing to me. When looking for our new house a front porch was a must and I’m happy to say our new house has an even bigger front porch than our old house. I can’t wait for all the important and good conversations to come with Matt, my girls, family and friends.

I will probably add to this list as my life goes on but this is all I can conjure up for now. Reading my list I realize I kind of sound old. If I read this I would probably think like a 50 something year old wrote this list. I’m definitely not 50 but I do turn 30 this year (blah). If I’m honest I’ve always kind of looked forward to getting older… not like 60 or 70 year older (if you are 60 or 70 sorry…but you are kind of old), but more like 30 to 40 kind of older. I feel like as you get older you know more so the person you are. In high school and some of college I remember feeling so insecure and so unsure of the person I was but as each year goes on and on, I more so have a better sense of who I am and what I believe. I mean if I’m really honest I still sometimes feel insecure and unsure of the person I am… but those feelings are much further in-between than they used to be.

So yes, I am an almost 30 year old who enjoys rocking in my rocking chair on my front porch, would rather listen to the radio than have the newest technological music invention, play cards rather than be at a bar, and watch “The Price is Right” over “The Walking Dead”. Ok, maybe I am a little old for my years.

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