Florida Inspired Room

Douglas Elliman Real Estate Group reached out to me and asked me to design my dream Florida room to enjoy all year round. I accepted the challenge. 🙂

I’ve never been to Florida but when I think of it I think of water, sand and easy-going living. Swimming in the ocean, lounging on the sand, sipping a cocktail, boating, eating fresh seafood at a little restaurant tucked away along a boardwalk……. I can very easily go there in my mind!



I definitely would give my Florida inspired living room a cottage vibe with these brick pavers and paint the walls a soothing, creamy white.

Source: Brick Pavers
Source: Cream white paint color


Big, comfortable, slip covered sofas would be my choice of furniture.




Can’t you picture snuggling up on one of these after a long day at the beach? Source: PB Basic Slipcovered Sofa














I love hutches in living rooms and just recently chalk painted an old one that would be perfect in my dream Florida living room. The clock on top would also make a great addition to the room:



I would add pieces of driftwood in the hutch, sea-shells that I collected from the beach in mason jars, and simple white candles throughout the hutch. Picture frames made from drift wood and in soothing colors of greens and blues would be placed throughout.

This faux potted tree would be adorable on the hutch as well:



Source: Faux potted tree

In my opinion, greenery always brings warmth to a space, so this large palm tree would be perfect sitting in the corner of the room. This would fit perfectly in an old tin bucket:


Source: Faux palm tree

For lighting, I would want something that ties in with the cottage/beachy look and this light fits the bill:

Source: Chandelier

These curtains and pillows would look great in this room. I adore this taupe/blue color.  A tip: hang your curtains higher and it will give more height to your room and make it look bigger.

Source: Throw Pillows   Curtains

Find an old coffee table and paint it with chalk paint to create a customized coffee table. Searching garage sales has always been my best bet at finding furniture waiting for a new life! :

I painted and distressed this old coffee table. Seal with a wax and you have a perfect coffee table for a dream Florida room.


I love driftwood and this driftwood candle holder speaks to my heart:

Source: Driftwood Candle Holder

This lamp would be perfect on an old, chippy end table:

Source: Lamp

The last thing that I would add would be this rug to tie everything in together. Vintage looking, shades of blues, creams and browns. Perfection.:

Source: Rug



You don’t have to live by the ocean to necessarily have a “beachy” look in your home. Decorating your home in nice, calming hues and adding in some simple beach touches can make you feel like you are just a few steps away from the beach even if you are in the middle of Kansas where water is scarce.

And for those of you who live in Florida, close to the ocean and sand…. I hope this might give you some inspiration! Here are some dream Florida homes too for continued inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by!

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