Just Go For It

I’ve always been a writer.

Writing has always come somewhat easy to me, sometimes easier than actually talking. I’m not the greatest at small talk.

When I was younger I would jot down my thoughts in countless journals. I recently found these stacked under a bunch of old magazines in my night stand. As I skimmed through them it brought back so many memories of junior high and high school. If only I could go back and do high school over knowing what I know now. Insecurities, immaturity, trying to fit in and figure out who I was at the time are all things that jump out at me on the old worn pages.

During the last 20 years I’ve written handfuls of short stories just for fun.

And during the last few years I’ve been able to type out my thoughts/life on here. It’s always fun and sometimes a tiny bit painful to go back and see who I was then compared to who I am now.

And because I love writing and reading so much I’ve always had a dream of publishing a book. I’ve always found reading to be so important. Every night since Jayde was 1 we have always read her books before bed, a tradition we still do with her along with her 2 sisters. Years ago, every so often, I would make up a story on the spot and the girls have always loved it. There have been many stories about kittens, puppies, fairies and magical forests. It’s kind of a special little thing that I do from time to time and they always beg me for more and more stories.

And so it hit me about a year ago. Why don’t I write a children’s book?

Is it a long shot? Yes.

Do a lot of publishing houses get over 20,000 submissions a year? Yes.

Do I have a chance of getting rejected? A big yes. A 99.9% chance.

But am I doing it anyways? Yes.

Life is short. Life flys by. And if I never try I’ll never know.

Is there something you want do do but are too scared to? Fear of rejection, thinking you aren’t good enough or failure stops you in your tracks?

If so I encourage you to just go for it. We’ve all been rejected in some way in our lives, not been good enough and I’m pretty sure all of us have failed at something.

But we have all survived and a lot of us have grown from those experiences and those experiences have helped us learn and better ourselves.

So Just Go For It!!!!!


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