A Re-vamping of Sorts

If you read my blog, follow my blog, or randomly check it from time to time you might notice that the last year (or two) I have been M.I.A. for the most part. Periodically I will think to myself… “Hmmmm maybe I should write a blog post” and I will type a post up real quick and click publish. Or sometimes if I’m feeling rather emotional (darn hormones) I might feel like getting my feelings out and I will quickly write a post about those feelings and publish that. But I definitely have not been posting on here on a regular basis and I miss it.

I have been listening to Joyce Meyer lately. She is a charismatic Christian author and speaker and I have been listening to her a few times a week the last month. One of the things she shared that really stuck with me was about how we really need to hone in on the gifts that God gave us. She stated that sometimes we can look at other people and their gifts and we really want to be gifted in those same areas so we work really hard to get better at whatever it is and we maybe go from a 10% to a 40 or 50%. But she said what God wants and need from us is us to be a 90 or 100% in the areas he gifted us. He doesn’t want 40 and 50’s walking around, he would rather have 90 and 100’s walking around this earth.

I have really been thinking about this. I do believe God gives us all different personalities and gifts for a reason. And in the past I have found myself sometimes looking at other people and wishing I had their gifts. My sister is an amazing artist. She can take pencil to paper and whip up an amazing drawing just like that. I could try and try for years and years to get better at drawing. I could take classes, I could practice every night and more than likely I could go from a 20% to maybe a 50%. Something I feel like I’m gifted at is writing. I enjoy writing and it comes easily to me… it always has. So for a couple years I could take writing classes, I could practice every night, maybe take some English classes and more than likely I could go from a 50% to a 90%+. Do you think my gift from God is to write or to draw?

I hope this is making sense. If not, look up Joyce Meyer’s videos and start watching them and you will understand.

So all of that has made me realize I need to re-vamp my blog and really focus it on the things that I love and some things I feel I am gifted at: writing, interior design, cooking, makeup and skin care and being a mom and a wife.

So be on the look-out for my up and coming new blog! Life was kind of crazy there for a while and it still is at times but I am so excited to be back to posting on here again and feel like this is the right time to start a new journey on here.

Thank you so much for reading and hope to see you again soon!

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