Lash Boost Review

Hello! As I’m typing this the faint smell of throw up is lingering in the air from this morning. A 1 year old and a stomach bug = throw up everywhere, on furniture and carpet/rugs. I scrubbed and scrubbed this morning but that darn smell is still there. And I ask why, when 80 % of our flooring in our main living area is hard wood, must the throw up always be on a piece of furniture or a rug? Anyone know why?? I really think if we took a poll with 100 moms that at least 96.7 % of them would say when their kid gets sick it’s usually on a piece of furniture, rug or carpet…. probably their most favorite and expensive piece of furniture I’m guessing. I guess I’ll just try to not breathe through my nose while typing this because I am already situated on my couch and I’m too lazy to get up and move…. (Bet you didn’t think you were going to get an earful about baby throw up when you opened this, huh?)

I am excited today to be doing my first post on a skin care product!! And today I am doing a review on the “Lash Boost” from Rodan & Fields.

I decided to buy this product in January with some of my Christmas cash because what woman doesn’t want long, thick, dark luscious lashes? It was around the same price as getting eyelash extensions which only last so long and you have to get filled every month which takes time and more moolah. So I decided that the Lash Boost (if it worked) would be the best way to go.


I thought the packaging was really cute and durable when I received it in the mail. I immediately started using this every night after I washed my face. You simply take the wand with the little brush and swipe it along your lash line. Let it dry for a few minutes before you go to bed or rub your eyes or anything and you are good to go. I started noticing a difference in my eyelashes about 3 to 4 weeks after using it. They definitely looked a little longer to me but that was the only difference I noticed. The first month I also noticed my eyes seemed a little more irritated and sometimes in the mornings would be a little swollen and red. I realized I was using too much product and so really made sure to just put a tiny amount on my brush before swiping it across my lash line and that really made a big difference irritation-wise.


It has been a few months now since using it and I am LOVING the outcome. I was actually a little surprised with how well this worked. My lashes are MUCH longer and are more full. The only thing I don’t notice is them being darker. They seem the same shade to me but since I wear mascara pretty much every day that is not really a big deal to me.

I now use the product every other night and I am still using the same tube that I purchased in January.

I didn’t take any before pictures because I wasn’t planning on doing a review but here are some pictures of my lashes, curled with mascara, to give you a better idea of how it works.


Trust me when I saw they are WAY LONGER than they used to be! I don’t sell Rodan & Fields products so there is nothing in this for me 🙂




I am definitely hooked and even though it’s a little pricey it’s still more cost effective than getting lash extensions and these are your own, natural lashes so I like that about it too.

Two BIG thumbs up from me for the LASH BOOST from Rodan & Fields!!!!


3 thoughts on “Lash Boost Review

  1. Have tried any other lash boost products? I just bought some castor oil stuff off Amazon that swears to do the same for a cheaper price point. (Found it when I was searching for the whitening he you recommended). Maybe you should try my products next? 😉

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