Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry is not my favorite past time. The actual task of doing laundry isn’t so bad I guess but the putting away part is where I get a little annoyed. Laundry in itself is kind of annoying but for most of us laundry is a part of everyday life. My laundry room was pretty much a blank, messy canvas so I decided to give it a new life.


I chose to repaint the room a pale yellow color. Maybe the cheery color would brighten my mood while dousing every other article of my kids’ clothing with Spray N’ Wash. I was a little nervous to paint the room yellow but wanted something different than the typical grey that everyone seems to be obsessed with (including myself).


We bought a piece of plywood, had the hardware store cut it to size, I stained and sealed it, and my husband installed it over our washer and dryer. If you don’t have a huge budget this is a great choice for a counter. This added SO much extra space and was under $50.


I added a tension rod under the counter and attached some fabric with clips. This hides the huge washer and dryer and gives it an old-school feel. This is one of my favorite things of my laundry room makeover.


In a smaller laundry room like ours, bags that hang from the walls are perfect to store dirty clothes in because they do not take up much space. All I had to do was screw some hooks into the studs in the wall and I had a place to hang the bags.


Blue and yellow are a pretty color combo in my opinion, so I added a lot of touches of blue throughout the room. A rug was added, old cabinet doors that I painted were hung on either side of the window, a LAUNDRY sign and valance and various other knick-knacks were added in as well.

When decorating a new space I like to “shop” around my house for items that maybe need a new home, a new paint job or are just sitting in storage. The lamp is a perfect example. I grabbed it out of storage and with some new paint and a custom shade, it is a unique piece in the laundry room and it cost me nothing.


After about a month I decided to paint this checkerboard pattern on the plywood. I think it brightens the room up a bit and gives a cute detail to the counter. I sealed it with a couple coats of wax and it has held up nicely so far!


I have to say, laundry isn’t as painful anymore since I have a cute, organized room to stand in while doing it. If only I could figure out an easier way to get those clothes put away.

Thanks for stopping by!

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