Painted Porch

You ever have to learn things the hard way?

Unfortunately for me, I have learned lots and lots of things the hard way. I guess that’s just life though, and with more life comes more wisdom and I have all the wisdom in the world on painting a cement front porch.

I wanted to spruce up our front porch so decided I would paint stripes on the cement. Easy enough, right?



Looks like a standard cement porch, right?

I read an article on painting a porch, bought some Behr cement porch paint from Home Depot, taped around the cement and got to work.

I first painted the entire concrete white. It looked great. Nice, clean, fresh. It was just great. I knew after a couple more hours I would have the entire project done and would have the rest of the night to relax. I measured out my lines, drew them out using a t-square and started taping my lines. About the 6th line, I put my tape down wrong so pulled it up and paint came up with it….. lots of paint.

My stomach turned.

I slowly pulled up another piece of tape. Lots of more white paint came up with the tape.

Primer I thought. I obviously needed primer. I primed over the paint hoping it would work but the paint still came up because obviously the primer wasn’t holding on to the concrete.

Back to Home Depot I went for Behr porch primer, which the article never mentioned, and the words came out of the paint lady’s mouth that I didn’t want to hear but knew was coming, “You’ll have to scrape all of the paint off the porch, prime it and then paint it again”.

So from 3:30 to mid night I scraped off the nice, clean, fresh white paint.

And 5 hours later on Monday afternoon most of the white paint was gone.

Literally, probably the most frustrating mistake I’ve made when it comes to d.i.y. projects.

But it was done. Finally.

Lesson learned the hard way.

So I carefully primed, painted, measured, drew, taped and painted again. No paint came  up with tape except in a few small spots which I just primed and painted over again.




I had just watered my ferns and the water more so sits on the paint, rather than soaking into the concrete.


There’s nothing better than rocking on a front porch watching the sun go down. In my case you can’t really see the sun but the parts of the sky I can see sure are pretty.


As you can maybe see in some of the pictures, there are parts of the paint that are already chipping in small areas. I didn’t put a sealer over the paint but I personally like it a little more distressed but if that is not your style be sure to put a sealer over the paint.


Something to keep in mind, a painted semi-gloss porch and water = a slippery surface. Just ask my 2 year old right after this picture was taken.


Behr does have flat porch paint but I was afraid that dirt, etc. would just stick to the paint then and not come off as easily as using the semi-gloss finish.


I do love the finished product (even if it took me 10x longer to do it than I originally thought and my semi-long fingernails are now non-existent from scraping paint for 10+hours).


Hope you all have a great rest of your week!

Thanks for stopping by!

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