Bathroom Mirror Makeover

“Mirror Mirror on the wall….. who is the Plainest mirror of them all?”

My bathroom mirror was.

Standard grade builder mirror.



I was torn between taking this mirror off and replacing it with a brand-spanken’ new one or attempting to buy some wood and put that up myself.

After looking at lots of tutorials on-line I decided I would go for the cheaper option and just buy some wood, paint it and glue it on up there. Easy enough, right?!

Our trip to Home Depot for wood wasn’t the smoothest. We had been there for about an hour when we finally ventured to the wood section and our three girls were not having it. The next half hour was a blur- fighting kids, screaming 2 year old, whining, our 2 year old climbing out of the cart somehow and taking off down the next aisle, trying to wrestle the 2 year old back into the cart which didn’t work, Matt and I arguing about what wood would look best, girls complaining that they were hungry, me thinking to myself that I was really hungry, etc. I was so ready to get out of that place that I just settled with whatever wood was right in front of us.

Long story short: after cutting and painting the wood I went to attach it to our mirror using Loctite glue and realized that 2 of the boards were warped. In our chaos Matt nor I checked to make sure the boards weren’t warped.

BIG mistake.

The easiest and best solution would be to go buy a new un-warped piece of wood and re cut and paint it but I’m not about easy. I like to make things hard. The harder the better I say.

So I worked with what I had and was determined to make the wood pieces work. I wont go into detail about what mistakes I made but I made quite a few. After 8+ hours of working on the mirror I finally had a color and look that I liked even though it wasn’t what I had envisioned. (I also wont mention that in a fit of frustration I decided I was going to take the whole thing down and started prying off one of the pieces of wood- which was very attached to the mirror which then cracked the piece of wood. I immediately put down my tool realizing I wasn’t thinking clearly, the sawdust had got to my brain. I just really like to make things hard on myself.)

BUT, regardless of my struggles I do like the mirror…. much better than the plainest mirror of all:



I first painted it white, then cream, then this green-ish color. I like it but might try a different color in the near future.


I wan’t going for a distressed look but after all the mistakes I made I kind of had to.


But I like the distressed look anyways so it worked out.


Did I mention that you should never buy warped wood?


And did I mention that if you’re going to Home Depot for wood that you shouldn’t take 3 hungry, cranky kids with you?


I also had Matt replace the light fixture. I am in love with it.


The light fixture can face up like it is or face down but when I face it down it shows too many of my mistakes…… so up it stays!

Overall this is a VERY easy project to do – just no warped boards allowed. Or cranky kids.

Also on a side note, if you have small clips holding your plain-jane mirror up like mine, you need to make small notches in the back of your wood piece so your boards will sit flush with the mirror.

Thanks for stopping by ya’ all!


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