My Favorite Red Lipstick

Years and years ago, in my pre-teen years, I managed to convince myself that the only way I looked attractive was to wear a shade of white-ish lipstick.

I’m not kidding. Unfortunately.

For a few years I convinced myself of this. And this wasn’t no ordinary lipstick, this was a tube of light concealer meant for the under eye area that I would instead pat onto my lips. Every day. First thing in the morning. After swimming. After band practice. After eating. Every. Single. Day.

I know we all have our weird things we did/wore in our adolescence but I don’t know if too many people beat mine on the weird/ugly scale.

To this day I still ask my Mom why she would let me do such a thing?

In my older years I now embrace darker… much darker… colors on my lips. Some women are intimidated by red lipstick but when done right, it can look so great.


Introducing my favorite red lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

This is a very matte lipstick with blue-red undertones.


To me, this color is the perfect shade of red. Not too red. Not too orange. Not too pink. Just right.


This is a VERY matte lipstick. So if you don’t like a matte lipstick, you wont like this one.


There are only certain outfits I will wear with red lipstick. Is that weird?


Not so much certain outfits but certain colors.


Don’t be afraid of a bold lip color. A little tip: keep the rest of your makeup a little more neutral that way your lips will take center stage and wont be competing with a super smoky purple eye, etc.

Much better than white, concealer lipstick, right?!

Lets remember…..wisdom comes with age.

Thanks for stopping by!

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