Old Radio Cabinet

Garage sales are just wonderful. You never know what treasure you’re going to find. This year I haven’t gone to as many as I would like but have managed to search a few random ones.

Our old neighbors are junk lovers like myself and anytime they have a garage sale, you betcha I am there if I am in town.

They were selling this old radio cabinet that I thought was pretty cool:


On a side note: I heard on the radio the other day that “old” people only still use the word “cool”. Younger people don’t use this word as much I guess?? I googled what millennials use for the word “cool” and these came up: savage, snatched, fleek……… I stopped there… I think I’ll just keep using the word “cool”.


The hardest part of this transformation was just cleaning it up. After a lot of soap and water it looked 10x better.


I didn’t want to paint this whole piece because the wood was in pretty good condition so I just painted the 2 side panels, the front panel and top with white chalk paint.


I love the legs and all the detail on this piece.


I thought about covering up the hole here with a piece of tin but decided against it.




The old radio dial


This is where the knobs would’ve been… too bad they aren’t on anymore… but I’m sure if I searched I could find some antique knobs to put on here


I bought some candles at Hobby Lobby, placed them in a tin bucket and I think it’s perfect to display on this antique radio cabinet.


Overall I think this piece turned out pretty “cool”. 😉

Have a great week!

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