One On One

This week my 2 older girls are at their mana and papas’ house which leaves me with only 1 little girl at home.

It is WEIRD only having 1 child around. And feels easy. Super easy. Like really, really easy x 100.


With Brielle being the youngest she’s really never had a lot of one on one time with Matt or I. And while I miss the older 2 already (I know they’re having the time of their lives right now, I’m sure no chocolate or ice cream or candy or cookies will be eaten and I’m sure no stuffed animals or barbies or babies or toys will be bought…….) it is really nice to have some one on one time with Brielle.

We’ve played doctor about 17 times (her favorite part is giving me shots), been on 2 nice walks, ran countless errands around town, read lots of books, played 9 holes of golf and on the 8th hole realized our car keys were no longer sitting where we put them (after 10 minutes of panic Brielle politely showed me she put them in my golf bag), played outside, snuggled at bed time, watched Mickey Mouse, ate Captain Crunch together for lunch (lunch for 1 little girl is much easier than for 3 and she isn’t as picky either), have sang and danced together, took care of babies,  and just really enjoyed spending time together, one on one.


I think spending one on one time together with my children is something that is important and maybe need to make happen a little more. Growing up I remember those special times I was alone with either my mom or dad and how much I enjoyed that. Being the center of attention is always great, right? 😛

So a little challenge for all you moms and dads (and myself) with more than 1 child at home: I challenge you to start creating more opportunities for one on one time with your little or big ones, whether they are 2 or 16, kids really appreciate and treasure that time alone with you.


So here is to 5 more days of one on one time with my precious little girl, Brielle.


Hope you all have a wonderful week!


One thought on “One On One

  1. So sweet! You’re an awesome momma! Thanks for the challenge! I’ll be alone with Rowyn for partial days throughout the school year now that I have one in K and one in preschool. We need to get together! I miss you!

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