Lets Talk About Brows Baby

“Lets talk about you and me, lets talk about all the good things and the bad things….. ”

Ever wake up with a random song in your head? This song was in my head ALL morning and I don’t know why. And I sure as heck haven’t been thinking about the topic of the song with sickness in our household, busy schedules, a sinus infection, headaches (actual ones), chiropractor visit, etc. all this week.

When it comes to shopping some women’s weakness is shoes, clothes, or jewelry. I do enjoy a good pair of shoes and a new outfit is always exciting but when it comes to spending those dollars, my weakness is makeup.

Give me 20 minutes, a new You-tube video from a makeup guru and I will have 7 different makeup or skincare products that I am wanting to buy. Which I usually must add to my already expansive list of wanted products and then must wait for the day when I win a million dollars and can then purchase every single item on that list……  you never know… It could happen!

Brows are a very important part of a makeup routine. Think of brows as the frame for your face. Just get on social media and you will see bold brows everywhere. Get on you-tube and you can find 100 different videos on how to fill in your brows. Little, tiny pencil like brows from the 90’s are a thing of the past and large, in charge brows is where it’s at.

I have tried lots of different brow products… some successfully, some not so successfully and here are my 3 staple brow products that I can’t live without:


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

The Mary Kay Brow Gel

These 3 products make filling in my brows SO easy.

The Brow Definer is a brow cream pencil that rotates up and down, no sharpener needed. It is thicker than the Brow Wiz. I like to use this to create the shape of the brow or when I’m doing a more bold brow. It has an angled shape which makes it easy to follow the shape of your natural brow.


The Brow Wiz is much thinner, and again rotates up and down. I like to use this to fill in my brow and to create the tail of the brow. I can be much more precise with the Brow Wiz than the Brow Definer since it’s so much smaller. If you are a beginner at filling in your brows I would suggest to first try the Brow Wiz.


The other end of the Brow Wiz and Brow Definer is 2 spoolie brushes. I like to comb through my brows before filling them in and then after to give it a more natural look.


The Mary Kay Brow Gel is a MUST. After all that work of filling them in, the last thing you want them to do is be all over the place by the middle of the day. What hairspray is to your hair; is what Brow Gel is to your eyebrows. Swipe a small amount of this through your brows and they will stay in place all day. It also can make your brows look a little more natural, it creates some movement within the brow.


I was not blessed with thick, full brows. And as I get older, the more sparse they become.


Here is what my eyebrow looks like not filled in. Blah. (Sorry for the quality of this picture but you get the idea.)


And this is what they look like filled in. No filter. I just use the Brow Definer pencil and Brow Gel on my eye brows in this picture.


Filling in brows isn’t hard once you learn how and having the right products makes a big difference.


I like the area closest to my nose to be a little lighter than the rest of my brow. That makes it look more natural. (I have not always had this realization and my brows used to look too harsh and fake.)


I use the shade Chocolate in the Brow Definer and Wiz. It is a dark brown color.

Something to remember: think of  your brows as sisters, not twins. Sounds silly but nobody has 2 brows that are exactly the same shape. So don’t stress about if one brow is a little higher than the other, etc. They don’t have to look exactly alike.

Hope this helped some of you who were maybe brow illiterate. And if you are looking for some good brow staples, these 3 products are a great place to start!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Kayla xxoo

2 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Brows Baby

  1. Thanks for some of these tips! Can’t wait to try them out! And my brows are totally not twins. Thankful that others have this situation and not just me! Your makeup always looks on point. I obviously still have some learning to do!!!

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