How I Whiten My Teeth



There’s nothing more attractive than some pearly whites.

I am kind of obsessed with brushing my teeth and therefore am a little obsessed with my teeth being as white as I can get them.

I have never been to a dental office to whiten them although I’ve been tempted to in the past. I have heard that it is not the most comfortable thing to go do. Like it is literally painful. Two of my friends were even given some pain killers for their pain after they got them whitened. But it does work and you will obviously have whiter teeth after so this is one way you can go about it.

But for me………No thanks. I would rather spend that money on a relaxing, pain-free spa day.

The next thing is Crest 3-D White Strips

I have used this many times in the past. Do they make your teeth whiter? Yes. Are they cheaper than going to a dental office to whiten them? Yes.

While these worked and helped whiten my teeth, they also caused me to have some gum and tooth pain and sensitivity; to the point where I would have to take off the strips before the time was up because it was hurting so bad. I don’t know if I was using them too often or what but I wasn’t a fan of the pain. But I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone and they do truly work. These retail for $45.

But my holy grail product I’ve been using the last 3 years that works great for me is Dr. George’s Dental White


This stuff is a gel that you put in a mouth tray.  I buy mine from Amazon for only $18. And it WORKS. It works well.

Buy some mouth trays HERE for only $6. Follow the instructions to mold them to your  teeth. I was a little intimidated at this part but it was pretty easy. (Except someone rang our doorbell right in the middle of me doing this and no one else was up so I quickly answered it and talked to our neighbor who was returning something they borrowed. After a couple minutes they left and I went to the mirror and realized I had spit all down the side of my chin from molding the trays. UM EMBARRASSING!) But besides interrupting neighbors at the door, this is pretty easy. You simply put the gel in your custom mouth trays and put them in your mouth. You can use it twice a day if desired. I keep the trays in for 15-30 minutes, I usually put them in right before I shower and take them out when I’m done.


I used this pretty regularly for a couple months until I got the desired whiteness I wanted. I was really impressed at how quickly this whitened my teeth. After using it just 1 time I noticed a difference. For the last few years now I only use it maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks. If I have a special event or something I’ll use it a couple times the week before. I have not had any pain or gum sensitivity while using this which is a big plus.

Another thing I like about this is your spouse can buy their own separate mouth trays (obviously you wont be sharing) and you can share the gel. The gel lasts me quite a long time.


I will say my teeth have never been super yellow so I’m not sure how this would work on teeth that are really dis-colored. But if you are looking to whiten your teeth a couple shades this stuff works great and comes highly recommended from me!

Kayla xxoo




One thought on “How I Whiten My Teeth

  1. I Amazon Primed the trays and whitening gel last Friday. I can’t wait to have white white white teeth!! Thank for the info – especially since my teeth are so sensitive and white strips are dreadful!

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