Halloween Front Porch


It’s nearing the end of October, the time where ghosts and goblins and witches and princesses come door to door. A time where the magic of the holiday comes alive on every street. Jack o’ lanterns are carved, tiny candles placed inside and lit and buckets of candy are carried around by tiny little hands. Past Halloweens are imprinted in my mind, I can still remember each one. As my kids grow up I realize how special these times are.

I try to embrace each holiday and make it as magical and special as I can for my girls.

Decorating has always helped me feel the “magic” of the season, from the time I was a little girl to now. I can remember being a little girl sitting in our living room, waiting to go trick or treating with my mom’s pumpkin lights glowing and scary witch perched upon the tv. And in that moment I remember it felt magical. I want my girls to have those same magical memories.

Today I wanted to share my Halloween Front Porch with you all. Welcome!



One of my favorite things is my umbrella witch. It’s whimsical and unique and I just love it.


I simply tied black tulle around the umbrella for the skirt.


Matt drew these shoes for me and I simply sewed them and stuffed them with some poly-fil.


I got these cute little number signs at Hobby Lobby.



I made this “Broom Rides 5c” sign and hung it on two witches’ brooms




Every porch needs a comfy flannel blanket.


Place a pumpkin in a wire basket for a simple decoration.


Thanks so much for stopping by and spread a little magic this Halloween!


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