Table Top Re-purposed

Happy November!


Hope you all had wonderful Halloweens. Ours was celebrated with snow (which made it feel more like Christmas rather than Halloween), a Halloween School Party complete with all the “Halloween elementary school party things”, the movie Hocus Pocus, costumes, chili and cinnamon rolls, and candy…. lots of candy. We spent less time trick or’ treating this year but somehow the girls ended up with more candy than years previous. This was Brielle’s first year that she actually understood what trick or’ treating was and she was so adorable. She’d run up to the door with her sisters, dig right into the candy and then say “Happy Halloween”. Insert “All the Heart’s Eyes”.


Even though it was freezing it was still pretty perfect.

Last week and weekend was rough for our family. I wont bore you with details but it was just one of those weeks that nothing seemed to work out and it was problem after problem after problem. I was trying my best to stay positive but sometimes it’s hard when you’re in the trenches of things. But yesterday reminded me that even though life can be pretty hard sometimes, there are other times where life can be pretty amazing. And yesterday was a pretty amazing day.

I finished up this project a few weeks ago and it turned out pretty great.


Looks like an old table top, right?


It is an old table top but look at the backside of it. I saw some potential.


I sprayed the inside with a couple coats of chalkboard paint and used up some old white paint to paint the outside of it. I distressed it a little bit and wa-lah~ a cute chalkboard.


I used wire to hang it and then just quickly sewed a little piece of fabric to cover the wire.


I have some more plans for this little area in our hallway- bead board may be on my to-do list.


I love chalkboards for the fact they can be easily changed. Just a quick erase is all it takes.


Thanks so much for stopping by!




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