Christmas Tree in the Master

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

My weekend?

Well…….. lets just say I had better. I declared last Saturday “Christmas Tree Decorating Day” and couldn’t wait to get started Saturday morning.

Images of Hallmark Christmas movies appeared in my mind: holly, jolly Christmas music playing softly in the background, kids perfectly dressed and perfectly well behaved, loving glances and smiles between husband and wife, reminiscing about old Christmas ornaments, plenty of laughter and thankfulness to go around, and Christmas cookies and hot chocolate enjoyed by all after the tree is done in only 1 hour.


Ours was more like this: Disney channel blaring in the background,  pajamas still on,  94% of the lights on our not so pre-lit Christmas tree were out, frustration as I spent 4+ hours cutting out un-lit lights that were zip-tied to the tree, burnt chili for lunch which none of the kids ate, husband and wife a tad annoyed with one another, a fight about an (ugly) Kansas City Chiefs ornament, $40 spent on lights for our pre-lit tree, kids fighting about what ornaments to put up, no time for Christmas cookies or hot chocolate and after 8 hours later the tree was up and decorated.

Real life folks. Real life.

Needless to say it was not the “Hallmark” movie type of moment I was wanting but the tree is up, it looks beautiful and I would just like to forget about Saturday all together.

I’ve always wanted a tree in our master bedroom and this Summer found a woodland one for $5 at a garage sale.


Isn’t it cute?! It’s a little smaller than I was wanting but it will work for now.


I didn’t want to spend money on more Christmas decorations so I used items I had on hand. I bought 4 of these little chalkboard hangers for $1 at Target a while ago and simply drew Christmas drawings on them.





I have had this burlap ribbon for a long time and knew instantly it would give the tree a vintage vibe that I was wanting.



I had these small jingle bells left over from a project last year and tied them to twine for some pretty garland around the tree.


Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great week!



One thought on “Christmas Tree in the Master

  1. You’re lovely and I love you! Thanks for meeting up Saturday night after your stressful day! Hope Jayde is feeling okay!

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