Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work!

Throughout my life I have always heard that natural is better.

Natural peanut butter. Better for you, but have you actually ever tried natural peanut butter? I’m not a fan.

Natural cleaners. Yes, they may make the air better for us to breathe but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty – those natural cleaners I tried years ago didn’t really work as well as their counter partners. Clorox wipes are my best friend.

I’ve tried many natural beauty ideas that never really ended up working: Boiling cinnamon sticks and using the water to dye my hair. My best friend in high school and I tried this one night at 3 in the morning. Did it work? No. Did it work even a little bit? No. I would put lemon juice in my hair and bask out in the sun in our front yard to get those beautiful, sun kissed highlights. No highlights were ever seen on my head of hair unless I took a box of Revlon Frost and Glow highlight kit and meticulously pulled out pieces of hair out of that cap and lathered that thick, white paste of peroxide throughout those pieces.  I’ve tried egg masks in my hair (to help repair the damage I did using the Revlon Highlight Kit), tea bags to try to tan my skin (I’m allergic to self tanners), and countless other beauty ideas that my friends and I would find in magazines but that never really seemed to work.

BUT. All of my experimenting has paid off. And today I’m going to share some natural beauty products that work. They actually work! It has only taken me 20 something years to find a few natural products that I can’t live without.


Lets talk about this product right here. Murray’s CocoSoft Coconut Oil. We’ve all heard copious ways to use Coconut Oil but let me me tell you my favorite ways to use this stuff. This is my one and only hand moisturizer. You don’t need much, a pea sized amount will work. It has a gel like consistency:


But when it heats up it turns into a liquid. As you rub it between your hands it will melt down and seep into your skin nicely. I’ve always suffered from super dry, cracked hands in the Winter and this is the only stuff that works to keep them moisturized.

Want a nice hand scrub? Go to your pantry, grab some basic white or brown sugar, add a little of it with the coconut oil and you’ve got a great exfoliant.

I also use this stuff on the ends of my hair for a nice conditioning treatment. But BEWARE- you only need a very small amount. I’m talking like a pea sized amount, even if you have tons of hair. One night I got a little carried away and decided to do a full hair treatment using this stuff. UGH. Bad idea. A week later I was still trying to get this stuff washed out of my hair. I also use it to tame down fly-aways and as a foot moisturizer.

You can purchase this product here: Murray’s Cocosoft Coconut Oil

The next product I’m going to talk about is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


I LOVE this stuff. Not just for cooking but as a skin moisturizer. I like to mix this in with my regular lotion.


#1 This makes your lotion last longer.

#2 This makes it easier to spread your lotion. Us women have enough beauty rituals to do; this cuts your time in half.

#3 It’s a great moisturizer. You wouldn’t even really need to mix it in with your regular lotion if you didn’t want to but the consistency is easier to work with if you do.

For under $10 you can purchase a huge bottle of EVOO and you will be set for the next year or two.

The last product I want to talk about is Castor Oil. In the past when I heard somebody bring up castor oil it was usually pertaining to a very pregnant woman who really wanted that baby out of her and would resort to taking castor oil to try to make herself go into labor.

But for me, I use this as an eyelash and eyebrow conditioner.


I purchased this large bottle from Amazon. You can purchase this here: Castor Oil

Ok, so long story short: I did a post last year on the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost. You can read how I felt about it here: Lash Boost Review

Unfortunately for me I developed an allergic reaction to the product. (Insert all the tears here). This stuff worked. It worked really good. Every morning I woke up to long, luscious lashes and life was pretty wonderful. I tried to make this stuff work for months after my initial reaction, but red, swollen irritated eye-lids were what I was left with so I eventually put it in the back of my bathroom cabinet where it still sits. Not worth it. Bye bye long eyelashes.

Insert Castor Oil. For the last 3 to 4 weeks I have been coating my eyelashes and eyebrows with this stuff every night and my eyelashes are growing. I thought I was just imaging it but look at this picture of me using my Rodan and Fields Lash BoostIMG_4860

And 3ish weeks after using the Castor Oil:


They might not be quite as long but they are pretty darn close. And it’s only been 3 to 4 weeks since using this stuff.


I purchased some empty mascara tubes HERE for $10 and use it to apply the castor oil every night. I will keep you guys updated to see if my eyelashes continue to grow after a couple more months!

Seriously, natural might not always be better but in these cases, it definitely is!

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