The house is quiet, windows open, the breeze blowing in; birds are singing their songs and sunlight is filtering through sparse clouds. It has been a beautiful day. Not just weather wise but soul wise. You know those days where everything just seems pretty perfect. Today is one of those days.


This week I have been more intentional about putting my phone down, shutting the tv off and being present more. Technology can be addicting and more often than not I was finding myself with my face in my phone scrolling, scrolling and doing some more scrolling. I couldn’t even tell you who or what I was looking at but it somehow was managing to take up much of my time. “Just a second.” “Hold on.” “What?” I found myself saying these words repeatedly to my girls as I was looking down at my phone.

It’s not fun to admit that technology was taking precedence over my girls more times than I would like to admit. It’s not fun to think about all of the precious, fun times I missed out on having with them. It’s not fun to think about how much time I wasted just…. scrolling.

But after a weekend away with Matt and re-prioritizing things in our life, the last 4 days my phone has been placed in a basket in my room and I’ve only allowed myself to get it out a few times throughout my day (not including phone calls) and this is what I didn’t miss out on:

Cuddling with Brielle in the rocking chair and singing her “Sound of Music” songs (I’m not the best singer but this is what Brielle requests), playing outside with the girls, pushing them in the swing and twirling them around and around on their round swing, talking to them, looking them in the eyes and giving them my undivided attention, jumping on the trampoline with them, making homemade cinnamon muffins, getting all of my laundry done(it was nice for 1 day until there was more), a more peaceful heart, getting my junk drawers cleaned out, reading, laughing with them, making supper with Brielle (she may or may not of stuck her foot in a bowl of shredded cheddar cheese…… and I may or may not of still used the cheese for the enchiladas I made for supper last night.), and not having to say, “Just a second”, “Hold on”, or “What? .


It has been a refreshing week so far and I am going to continue to be intentional about putting the phone away and shutting the tv off. It’s really all about self discipline and Matt and I are going to be holding each other accountable. We’ve made it a family thing and the girls are also looking at less time on their kindles, playstation, tv, etc.


I can’t wait to see what I’m not going to miss out on.



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