Instant Lights

This weather is driving me bonkers.

Mother nature, wake up and smell the roses. I mean, I want to literally smell the roses.

I know most of you are thinking the same thing as me; “Where is Spring?!”

Hopefully she wakes up sooner rather than later.

While mother nature is still trying to make up her mind on the weather, I have been inside my home working on some projects. Projects make me happy. Decorating makes me happy. Chocolate chip cookies make me happy as well. Along with cheeseburgers.

One day as I was scrolling through Instagram I came across this “magic light trick” from Nesting With Grace. Genius is the word I would use.

The “magic light trick” is made possible by puck lights. Puck lights are small, round disc looking lights that are battery operated. Some come with a remote. Using Velcro, hot glue, rubber bands or duct tape you can put the puck light into a sconce style light and have instant, magic light. The puck light enables you to have a light without actually hardwiring electricity to the light fixture. (Your welcome all of you ladies with husbands who aren’t so handy.)

Click here to purchase the ones I bought. I really like these ones because they last 100 hours before you have to put in new batteries. They also come with a remote that has a timer of 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes. I like the warm light they emit as well.

I’ve kind of been going puck light crazy.


I love this old burlap bag that I framed in our hallway. Our friend bought it for us a long time ago at a pawn shop because it had our last name on it. I simply stapled it to the back of a frame and added some boards. It’s now one of my favorite décor pieces in our home. And a light above it really highlights it perfectly.  I purchased this light fixture HERE.


I found this light fixture at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for a mere $7. I used a rubber band to attach the puck light into the light fixture and boom! Magic light! I think a light above a kitchen window always creates a warm, cozy vibe.


Another area I used the “magic light” trick was above my d.i.y. chalkboard.


Sconce style lights, like these, look great over windows, art pieces, pictures, any type of sign, etc.

I seriously have thought of 42 other areas in my home that I could use the magic light trick.

But for now, I will be happy with these 3. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!







2 thoughts on “Instant Lights

  1. LOVE this idea! I am wanting to add sconce style light fixtures over our nightstands in our master bedroom, but of course it is not wired for that! This is a perfect idea! Do you think the first light you listed (the one above the burlap sack) would be too big for over a nightstand?

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