New Door in Bathroom

Summer is upon us and I am looking forward to lazier days ahead.

Sunshine mornings, birds chittering, flowers blooming, pool days filled with sunshine, coconut scented sunscreen and melting snowcones in little girls’ hands. Evenings spent on the porch, smores’ around a fire, sleeping in, the scent of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, cold drinks, longer days, evenings at the ball field and lots of time together.

Summer is not my favorite time of the year but there sure are a lot of things I enjoy about the season.

Summer is also a time for projects. One project we just finished up was removing our swinging door in our bathroom and installing a sliding door. This is one of my favorite projects we’ve done so far and I’m excited to share it with you all!


We purchased this door for $40. It was the exact size and style I needed. A $40 well spent. And it only took me about a year to find a door that would work in the space. Isn’t that how it works?! When you know exactly what you want/need you can never find it. Patience Kayla. Patience. (I’m still working on this in my life 🙂


The one bad thing about this door was the peeling paint. I really wanted a certain look to it so I had to strip all of the old paint off on both sides. There were only around 74 different coats of paint on it so it wasn’t terrible to take it all off. (Sarcasm)

It was actually pretty terrible and time consuming and I swore after 2 weekends of working on it that I would never buy a door with 74 coats of paint on it.

But I think it’s kind of like having a baby…. After a year or so you forget all of the aches and pains and trauma of delivering a baby and you think, “Lets have another one!” Same thing with stripping 74 coats of paint off… I’m sure I’ll eventually forget the trauma I went through and find another piece of furniture with umpteen coats of paint and think I’ll just strip them all off!

Baby and Stripping 74 Coats of Paint. Totally the same thing.


But look at her now. 74 coats of paint gone and only 1 very light coat of white paint on her. I am seriously in LOVE with this door!


I purchased this BATH decal HERE

It was super easy to put on and I love the style of it. On the back side of the door I put a privacy window film which I was kind of nervous about but it was actually easy to put on as well. I used a credit card and water to help smooth out any bubbles. All of the hardware on here besides the handle is part of the original door; I simply spray painted those items black.


This guest bathroom is pretty small and has an awkward layout. A sliding door works SO much better than a swinging one and saves us so much room.


We made our own barn door sliding kit instead of purchasing one. We spent around $40 on everything. We followed this TUTORIAL. And surprisingly it wasn’t that difficult to do.




The door adds so much more character to our newer build home. For around $100 we have an awesome sliding door that gives us so much more room in our cramped bathroom. Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to hear what you think about this project! Have a great Monday!



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