Gallery Wall in Entry

We started our summer vacation with colds! Colds all around, for everybody! Except Matt, because for some reason, he never gets sick. Like ever. I’m sitting over here drinking vitamin C mixes, popping mulit-vitamins every day, taking some D-3 supplements along with probiotics, drinking water with lemon on the daily, even drinking hot tea that I don’t really like to help with my immune system and who gets sick? ME. Insert all the eye rolls here. Who got a flu shot and still got Influenza A and B? ME. Who didn’t get a flu shot and didn’t get the flu? Matt. Insert more eye rolls here.

Not fair. But such is life.

Today I want to share my new gallery wall in our entry-way.



Here was our entry-way before. I had done some rearranging and this is what I was left with. Not bad but I felt like I needed some more items on the wall to tie everything together. I didn’t want to go out and buy anything so out to our shed I went in search of some items that would work on the wall.



Definitely a more gallery type feel now!


I found some old spindles and pieces of wood that I used on the wall. With the spindles I wanted to keep some of that beautiful light wood showing so sanded off the ends and simply painted the middle part a really pretty dark blue/grey color. With the wood, I cut the pieces to the size I needed and painted them the same dark blue/grey color. After getting them up there I realized I wanted a little more brightness so painted sections of them white. I like the raw edge between the dark color and white, I didn’t want the transition perfectly straight.


I cherish these pictures of my girls. They were taken on the farm that I grew up on by my sister who is an amazing photographer.  Take a look at her photos; they are pretty incredible. Whenever I glimpse at the photos my heart does a little jump.



When doing a gallery wall I honestly just kind of go for it. Nail holes don’t bug me, it only takes a little putty and dot of paint to fix them up. I do suggest starting out with your bigger items and getting those in place first as your starting point. Then you can work your way around them, making little tweaks here and there. Keep in mind that it’s really important to make sure everything is level that you are hanging up. A gallery wall is very unforgiving when it comes to that; if one picture is off by half an inch, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Decorating is a process, you usually aren’t going to get it completely right on the first try.  I enjoy the process and don’t stop until I love what I have created.



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